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What does it make possible when we dare to read together?

You are cordially invited to join me for a good read. Will you please read with me?

Please - read with me! Join my online book club starting Monday, July 8, 7:30-9 pm EST, reading Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead.

I don’t know about you. As a kid, I remember being reminded – dare I say challenged – to read each summer. We were sent home with reading lists. There wasn’t always a great appreciation for all of the books on the book list or the creative assignments we were given. (My least favorite – creating a cereal box to represent my understanding of the story.) Like vegetables and other leafy greens, reading is good for you.

What we know now is that studies have shown that reading helps to build vocabulary. Reading increases knowledge and reasoning skills. Beyond that, it can be good for insight and creativity. I find that reading pushes me to think outside of the box. It’s like fertilizer for the seeds of innovation that lead to extraordinary and impactful opportunities.

What I like best about reading with others is the opportunity to add dimensions to the information. We all benefit from the insights of others, hearing and responding to interpretations that may differ from our own. It deepens my understanding. Working through ideas in a group can move us from comprehension to action. In the words of The Asaro Tribe, “Knowledge is only rumor until it lives in the bones.” What becomes possible when our knowledge lives in our bones?

So, I repeat my invitation. Please, will you read with me?

This summer I’ll be reading Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead. If you haven’t heard of Brené Brown, call me and we’ll talk for hours. Her latest bestselling book, Dare to Lead comes with a great workbook and group study schedule. It would be so much fun if you’d join me – and it’s easy!

1) Get Dare to Lead. You can try your library or other free resources. If you want to purchase it, I recommend supporting your local bookstore or you can find it in several places online.

2) Visit the website and download the workbook. You’ll find tons of other resources as well, some of which we’ll explore. You’ll at least need the workbook.

3) Mark your calendar! We’ll come together over 8 weeks, 90 minutes per week, starting Monday, July 8 at 7:30 p.m. EST.

Book club with me is easy. We’ll meet online using Zoom. Dress casually. Bring your favorite snacks and drink. Prepare to read, listen, share ideas, laugh, and grow. Most importantly, we’ll have fun!

Convinced? Almost convinced? Send me and email at so I know to expect you or just join in that evening.

I look forward to reading with you!

The Mudita Collective works with and supports you in bringing out the best in everyone and achieving success. You focus on your vision. We’ll help you bring it to fruition. To learn more about and engage The Mudita Collective, please visit You can also follow The Mudita Collective on Facebook and LinkedIn.


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