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What does it make possible if...?

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

The timing seems a little predictable. It certainly conjures up run-of-the-mill expressions like "new beginnings" and "back to school" that suggest intentionality around the September launch. Truly, all that was intentional about the timing of this venture was staying self-aware enough to notice the feelings that affirmed that WHEN was NOW. Still, at the risk of being passé, this is, in fact, a new beginning.

New beginnings often seem to come with that excited anticipation that has a hint of nervousness lingering in the background. Just enough to keep you alert and engaged. You know - new school, new baby, new pet, new relationship, new car, new opportunity. Alert, with excited anticipation.

With the support of dear family, friends, colleagues, and fellow disruptors,I have repeatedly asked myself the question, "What becomes possible if...?" What's filled in the blank has changed from moment to moment. With community change initiatives, I've asked potential collaborators, "What becomes possible if we work together?" In managing staff, I've asked, "What becomes possible if we care about the whole person achieving their highest potential?" In contemplating my professional future, I asked, "What becomes possible if I follow my passion?"

Following one's passion requires a certain level of clarity about what you are passionate about. It was a wise friend who fired off an email to me with a "few quick questions," one of which was, "It's clear you have many talents and could do a number of things, but where does your passion lie?"

My passion lies in bringing out the best - in people, in projects, in organizations, in companies - wherever I am. I am passionate about bringing out the best in new ventures. I am passionate about bringing out the best in changes in direction. The messy unknown is filled with incredible possibilities and potential - and that is where my passion lies. My intense enthusiasm for bringing out the best in "What becomes possible if...?" is what gets me up, keeps me going, gives me hope, renews my spirit, and fills me with joy.

With that, I launch The Mudita Collective. The Mudita Collective is about celebrating, experiencing, and (most importantly) creating the joy for someone else's good fortune and success. Your good fortune. Your success. What becomes possible if we bring out the best in you and the people around you, in all that you do? Success becomes possible, and The Mudita Collective is about finding joy in your success.

I am so excited that you are here. Welcome! I appreciate you taking the time to explore The Mudita Collective. Let's have a conversation about what you're working on and hoping to achieve and what becomes possible when The Mudita Collective partners with you to bring out your best and reach the highest potential - and finds joy in your success!


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